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Should you be here???


I just wanted to reach out real quick.

Friday we’ll be kicking off our brand new & free Fly Fishing Webinar.

You’re gonna learn all about why gear selection, quality knots and connections, fly selection, and timing all play a critical role in the success of your fishing adventures.

Y’know …

… why pairing a 3 weight line with a 5 weight rod is a big no-no and why buying that $900 rod doesn’t won’t suddenly make you a fish-catching machine.

… why using the right knots in the right places will significantly increase the amount of fish you bring to hand.

… and why the proper application of timing, one of the single most important topics in all of fly fishing, and one only a small % anglers really know how to utilize, can give you the best odds of catching fish on EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP.

Not a fan of getting fishless days?! Don’t miss this workshop, danget.


P.S. Is this a *CAN’T MISS*?

Honestly… I have no clue.

I mean… I wouldn’t offer you an extra ticket to a Santana concert unless I knew for certain that you enjoyed rock and roll and that one-of-a-kind Santana tone amidst the voice of thousands singing “I got a black magic woman”.

Same goes here.

We’re gonna pack this workshop with an epic set list:

● Tips to help you select the gear you need and avoid tossing money out the window on gear you don’t (hint: expensive gear does not a fish-catcher make!)

● Why using the wrong rigging is a sure way to leave you utterly confused as to why you’re losing fish after fish.

● Why most anglers don’t know how to use timing to their advantage or apply it to their fly selection process and therefore miss thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of fish-catching opportunities.

But since our *intimate concert hall* aka “3 TOP TIPS FOR CATCHING MORE TROUT” Webinar maxes out at 199 anglers

You should only make it to the show if…

1. You’re tired of showing up to the river with a lack of confidence in ANY part of your fly fishing game.

2. You’re tired of being epically confused about which fly to use.

3. You’ve always wanted to learn how to fly fish but have ZERO ideas about where to start and would rather start your angling journey ANYWHERE other than asking that one angler (who's seems super intimidating and maybe even a little snobby) you see coming up again and again on your Facebook feed.

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