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WTRR's Best of 2016 Video Series

Merry Christmas! 2016 was easily the best year for film and photography here at Where The River Runs [also known as WTRR ("water")]. For the last 4 years we have been creating a video at the end of each year containing some of the best footage gathered all year. This year, we gathered so much great footage we decided it would be better to divide the "Best of" video into separate segments.

Segment 1 doesn't only contain WTRR's best fly fishing footage of 2016 but some of the best footage we gathered period! Bugling Valles Caldera bull elk, majestic time lapses, superb New Mexico aerial footage, and the like. Of course, this segment also showcases giant trout, slow motion eats, and epic fish battles. The segment wraps up with Gregg discussing some of our 2016 commercial work. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our You Tube channel as well as our blog.

Segment 2 provides a look into the ups and downs of scouting new waters. You don't always strike it rich when scouting but when everything comes together it's suddenly all worth it! Join us as we adventure towards finding the cutthroat(s) of a lifetime.

Among other things, segment 3 ends with Gregg providing a sneak peek at some video series already in the works for 2017 as well as our upcoming online store. If you want a peek at what we have in the works for 2017, watch this video!

We hope you enjoyed WTRR's Best of 2016 video series! Be sure to subscribe to our you tube channel to stay up to date on all of our latest projects.

Thanks for watching!

-The Team at WTRR

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