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Awol Angler Launch

Back in June we released a short film featuring sergeant Wes Dyer of United States Marine Corps. The response Wes received for so candidly sharing even just a small portion of his personal story was overwhelming and has spurred him on to grow the idea of Emerger into a full blown campaign to help his fellow warriors.

When Wes initially approached us with the idea of Emerger, we were extremely grateful and excited to help him get the story out. In fact, we believed in the idea so much that we actually donated all production and editing services for the first project. The entire process was free to Wes. We had long dreamed of a way to tangibly giving back to our veteran community through our craft of film and photography and Wes provided us with that opportunity. What an honor for us!

And now, Wes is taking the idea a HUGE step further by launching his own organization to help his fellow warrior community. We were proud to produce the short go fund me campaign video for Wes's vision, AwolAngler, which you can see below. Let's help Wes help others. The fact that we are losing 22 combat veterans a day to suicide is a staggering and painful reality. We can help decrease that statistic by donating to AwolAngler today!

-The Team at WTRR

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