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Taos Fly Shop Short Film Underway

We recently spent some time up at Taos Fly Shop with shop owner Nick Streit. We'll be piecing together a short film on the history of Taos Fly Shop and the Streit family with a particular focus on Nick and his connection to the Rio Grande River. Below are some images from the first day of shooting. We probably have a couple more days left in the shoot but the story's already coming together!

First things first. Interview! Nick discussed the history of Taos Fly Shop, his journey in the sport of fly fishing, and his connection to the Rio Grande River. Good stuff!

Nick Streit Taos Fly Shop

Next up was a day on the Rio! Watching Nick do work was something else. His knowledge of this incredible river is truly second to none. Here's Gregg capturing moments.

Gregg Flores Where The River Runs

Plenty of fish were caught and some amazing footage captured. Subscribe to our You Tube channel to catch the full story in HD when it drops!

Nick Streit Rio Grande River Brown Trout

Thanks for keeping tabs on this great project!

-The Team at WTRR

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