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WTRR's latest short film, EMERGER, is now LIVE!

In the spring of 2016, Wes Dyer contacted the team at WTRR with a project in mind. That project was "Emerger". Wes is a U.S. Marine and combat veteran. Having experienced first hand the trauma that combat veterans face, not only during combat but after as well, Wes decided he wanted to share his story with the world. Not for the sake of fame or fortune but in an effort to encourage his fellow military brothers and sisters.

We were honored to be asked by Wes to shoot this short film and we hope it's affects are far reaching and positive for all who see it. Be sure and watch in HD for the best quality You Tube has to offer.

Be sure to keep tabs on the "Emerger" project as Wes has big dreams for it. We are already planning follow up films and are partnering with Wes to help combat veterans find a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Thanks for watching!

-The team at WTRR

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