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Learn to fly fish with
The Fly Fishing Primer.

Great angling means consistent success on any water. Grow your fly fishing skills with a video course for only $89.

The Fly Fishing Primer contains videos, discussions, articles, LIVE Zoom calls and more on ...

Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing Gear

To fly fish you need gear. I want you to choose that gear with confidence and save money in the process. The Fly Fishing Primer includes in-depth instruction on the gear you'll need to find success on your angling adventures.

Learn fly fishing gear and its purpose

Discover which flies matter most and why

Select gear with confidence

How To Select a Fly Reel

How To Select a Fly Reel

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Check out "What You Need To Know About Fly Reels" from The Fly Fishing Primer

Knots, Connectons, & Rigs

Knots, Connections, & Rigs

Learning your fishing knots and rigs can be frustrating. The Fly Fishing Primer includes step by step instructions on tried-and-true rigging techniques designed to increase your confidence in every connection throughout your fly rod assembly.

Learn the most essential knots in fly fishing

Learn to make every connection in your fly rod assembly

Discover the 4 foundational rigs we use in fly fishing and how to set them up