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The Fly Fishing Primer.

Great angling means consistent success on any water. Grow your fly fishing skills with a video course for only $89.

The Fly Fishing Primer contains videos, discussions, articles, LIVE Zoom calls and more on ...


Fly Fishing Gear

To fly fish you need gear. I want you to choose that gear with confidence and save money in the process. The Fly Fishing Primer includes in-depth instruction on the gear you'll need to find success on your angling adventures.

Learn fly fishing gear and its purpose

Discover which flies matter most and why

Select gear with confidence

Check out "What You Need To Know About Fly Reels" from The Fly Fishing Primer


Knots, Connections, & Rigs

Learning your fishing knots and rigs can be frustrating. The Fly Fishing Primer includes step by step instructions on tried-and-true rigging techniques designed to increase your confidence in every connection throughout your fly rod assembly.

Learn the most essential knots in fly fishing

Learn to make every connection in your fly rod assembly

Discover the 4 foundational rigs we use in fly fishing and how to set them up

Check out "Knots & Connections Part 2" from The Fly Fishing Primer


Fly Fishing Techniques

Catching fish on your own really brings your fly fishing journey full circle. I'll show you proven on-the-water tactics to increase your fish-catching success. Together we'll cover water types, fly casting, the impact of seasons on fishing, catch and release techniques, and more.

Learn the best times of the year to fish and why

Learn how to select the right flies for the water and species you're targeting

Discover how changing seasons impact your favorite waters and the fish that live in them

Check out "Trout Water Types" from The Fly Fishing Primer

The Fly Fishing Primer

Community Response

This eliminated the guessing game for me. I'm actually catching fish on my own!

-Brandon L.

The LIVE Zoom calls are A BLAST and alone are worth the sign up fee. 

- Christina C.

I've been fly fishing for years and I'm still picking up skills from this course. Well worth the small price tag!

- Angel P.

My confidence is growing with each lesson! This course should cost more.

- Raymond T.

A closer look at what's inside The Fly Fishing Primer

In this comprehensive online fly fishing video course, I'll show you what fly fishing gear you need and how to use it, the knots and connections for completely assembling your fly rod and all its components, and the knots for connecting flies to tippet and leaders. I'll also teach you about the most important rigs in fly fishing, show you how to assemble them step by step, and of course, show you how to use them! The curriculum currently contains 6 hours of video instruction, hours worth of study guides and strategic assignments to help you master the content, and I upload fresh content annually to keep the course relevant and up-to-date! Also, the course will soon feature some of the industry's top fly shop owners and guides so you get multiple perspectives.





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The Fly Fishing Primer costs 6X less than traditional online courses it's size!


Membership in the Fly Fishing Primer also includes:

- LIVE Zoom calls with the course instructors, industry authors, and experienced guides

- 10% off everything in WTRR's online store

- Discounts on partner products

- Exclusive fly fishing videos, and behind the scenes content and more!

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Gregg Flores

Course Creator


My name is Gregg Flores. I am the creator of the The Fly Fishing Primer and will be your personal instructor throughout the course. I've had the opportunity to fish and guide all throughout the Rocky Mountain region and I'm a certified casting instructor with Fly Fisher's International. I have Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and also work as a commercial videographer and photographer. In The Fly Fishing Primer, I combined my love for film and photography with my educational and fly fishing background to build an online fly fishing video course that is comprehensive, strategically organized, and visually engaging. I know what it takes to find success on the water and I can't wait to share my insights with you. I'll see you in the course!  -Gregg Flores

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If you have additional questions or doubts about whether this course is right for you, please contact me anytime! -Gregg Flores