Grow your angling skillset with on-demand video-based fly fishing courses.

Great angling means consistent success on the water. Enhance your fly fishing skillset with on-demand training by top anglers, guides, and industry pros.


"Fly Fishing Gear" eliminated the guessing game for me. I now know what gear I need and how to select it! What a money-saver.

The step-by-step instruction in "Fly Fishing Knots, Connections, & Rigs" was exactly what I needed. I learned how to build all the essential rigs and at my pace.

I've been fly fishing for years and still learned a ton of incredible new skills in "Fly Fishing Techniques". This course is epic.

My fish-catching abilities have multiplied after going through WTRR's online fly fishing courses. Where has this training been all my life?!


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Fly Fishing Gear


To fly fish you need gear. We want you to choose that gear with confidence and save money in the process. Our Fly Fishing Gear course provides in-depth instruction on the gear you'll need to find success on your angling adventures.

Learn what gear you need and what gear you don't

Discover which flies matter most and why

Select gear with confidence

Instructed by Gregg Flores

Course available immediately

Check out "Fly Reel Selection" from Fly Fishing Gear


Knots, Connections, & Rigs

Learn all the essential knots, connections, and rigs we use in fly fishing. Tried and true rigging techniques designed to increase your confidence in every connection throughout your fly rod assembly.

Learn how to tie the most essential knots in fly fishing

Learn how to make every connection in your fly rod assembly

Discover the 4 foundational rigs we use in fly fishing and how to set them up

Instructed by Gregg Flores

Course available immediately

Check out "Connecting Backing to Fly Line" from Fly Fishing Knots, Connections, & Rigs


Fly Fishing Techniques

Discover proven on-the-water tactics to increase your fishing catching abilities. This is our highest rated and most purchased online fly fishing course and covers waters types, the impact of seasons on fishing, fly casting instruction, catch and release techniques, and more.

Learn the best times of the year to fly fish and know why

Learn how to select the right flies for the water and species you're targeting

Discover how changing seasons impact your favorite waters and the fish that live in them

Instructed by Gregg Flores with contributions from Nick Streit, Ivan Valdez, and other industry pros

Course available immediately

Check out "Trout Water Types" from Fly Fishing Techniques

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